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Hi all,

Like most of you I have been following the #oxfamscandal this week. More than 60 entries are now in my curated bibliography and I have learned a lot about the subject of sexual violence in aid work but also how development is communicated; a lot of good reporting and many important reflections have been shared. 

Nonetheless, my usual Friday link review is to take a step back from current affairs and focus on 'in other news¨...

Development news: Crises off the radar: Mayotte, Venezuela & Eritrea in focus; World Bank's mission; foreign aid does not stop migration; the closing of the International Reporting Project & the future of foreign affairs journalism & journalists; Basmati blues stereotypes; Branson's daughter wants us to do and feel good!

Our digital lives: How to write about the rich & powerful? Digital influence in the Philippines.

Publications: 'Undoing' research on sexual violence in the DRC? UN Women on gender & big data.

Academia: …

Oxfam, Haiti & the aid industry's #MeToo moment-a curated bibliography

Last update: 20 February 07:20 GMT; there are now more than 80 resources!

I find curated and annotated collections a useful way to share and save links, Tweets or videos on topics that produce a lot of food for thought and discussion on #globaldev issues.

There have been quite intensive discussions these past few days after The Times broke the initial story on Oxfam's handling of the Haiti affair.

I can't possibly claim that my curated overview is even anywhere near complete, but I have tried to compile quite a few news media articles and a first round of commentary from my networks. The Tweets are even more selective, but not random, and meant to illustrate different arguments that have shown up in my networks.

Debates are also taking place in many interesting semi-public spaces, including Facebook groups or E-Mail lists, however, I will only focus on publicly available material.

Because of their long history of divisive, inaccurate and unethical journalism media brands such as t…